Drunken man throws Molotov cocktail into bar in Mexico, burns 11 people to death

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In Mexico, a man who harassed female customers was kicked out of a bar and threw a Molotov cocktail into the venue, burning 11 people to death. State prosecutors said the man was drunk at the time. 

Authorities in the Mexican state of Sonora said Saturday that 11 people were burned to death after a man threw a Molotov cocktail into a bar in the northern Mexican city of San Luis Rio Colorado after being kicked out.

State prosecutors said the young male suspect was very drunk at the time of the attack early Saturday and was kicked out of the bar for disrespecting the women there.

The man then reportedly came back and threw some kind of Molotov cocktail through the doors of the bar.

It was stated that 4 of the 11 people who died were women and 4 people who were injured were being treated in the hospital.

Medical teams dispatched to the scene took the wounded to various hospitals in the town and in the US. In the footage reflected on amateur cameras, it was seen that the entrance door of the bar was engulfed in flames and the people in the surrounding area fled in panic.

Mayor Santos Gonzalez said the suspect was arrested by police.

Source: New York Post - Ihlas News Agency

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