Crane collapse kills 16 in India

2023-08-01 10:46:18 | Last Update : 2023-08-01 10:51:44

A crane collapsed during the construction of a bridge in India, killing 16 people and injuring many others. Prime Minister Modi announced that 200,000 rupees will be given to the families of those killed and 50,000 rupees to those injured.

Crane collapse kills 16 in India
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Authorities say 16 people were killed and scores injured when a crane collapsed while building a bridge in the western Indian state of Maharashtra.

Rescue teams are trying to remove bodies and at least 16 people have died, a senior official with the National Disaster Response Force said.

"Pained by the tragic mishap in Shahapur, Maharashtra. My deepest condolences to the families of those who lost their lives," Prime Minister Narendra Modi's office said in a post on X social media.

Modi's office announced relief assistance of 200,000 rupees (US$2,400) for the families of the deceased and 50,000 (US$600) rupees for the injured.

Source: Times Live

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