Dengue fever outbreak in Bangladesh kills 340 people

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The death toll in the dengue fever outbreak in Bangladesh has risen to 340. While the number of cases in hospitals increased day by day, patients were seen lying in the corridors.

Dengue fever outbreak in Bangladesh kills 340 people

The dengue fever epidemic in Bangladesh continues to scare. In the first 8 days of this month, 87 people lost their lives due to dengue fever, bringing the total death toll to 340, while the number of cases reached 72,225.

37 thousand 722 people in the capital Dhaka and 34 thousand 503 people in other cities were admitted to hospitals due to dengue fever. While it was announced that the number of patients continuing their treatment in hospitals was 9 thousand 463, it was stated that 62 thousand 422 people were discharged.

Due to the outbreak of dengue fever, most hospitals are serving more patients than their capacity, while patients were seen lying in the corridors of hospitals.

Dengue fever is a viral disease that is endemic in tropical and subtropical regions worldwide and causes severe flu-like symptoms. It is also known as 'broken bone fever' because it causes bone pain like broken bones. The causative agent is the Dengue virus from the flavivirus family. There are 4 known types of dengue virus. People who are infected with one type can get sick again with other types.

Source: Ihlas News Agency

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