Poland evacuates 14 thousand people after bomb alert

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A 250-kilogram bomb from World War II was found in a construction site in Lublin, Poland. While bomb disposal experts started to work to defuse the explosive, 14 thousand people were evacuated from the region.

Poland evacuates 14 thousand people after bomb alert

A 250-kilogram bomb from World War IIwas found during the excavation of the foundation of a construction site in the city of Lublin in southeastern Poland. Bomb disposal experts, who arrived at the scene upon a report, determined that the explosive material in question was left over from the World War II period.


It was decided to evacuate 14 thousand residents before the bomb was removed. For those evacuated from the Bronowice and Kosminek neighborhoods in the west of Lublin, the Lublin Municipality prepared to gather places at three points.

Free municipal buses were allocated for those who could not get to the designated points by their own means, while the sick and those in need of care were transferred to the designated care centers.

200 soldiers and police officers took part in the evacuation of the people and securing the area. The streets that remained empty after the evacuation were reflected on security cameras on the streets.


It was reported that there was an aircraft factory in the area where the bomb was found before World War II, while during the war the area was used by Nazi Germany as a prisoner and labor camp and for the selection and storage of confiscated property of Jews. Bomb disposal experts are still working to remove the bomb weighing 250 kilograms.

Source: Ihlas News Agency

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