80 dead, hundreds of missing people in uncontrollable fire in Hawaii

2023-08-12 10:32:31 | Last Update : 2023-08-12 12:33:10

The forest fire on Hawaii's tourist island of Maui cannot be extinguished. It has been announced that 80 people have died so far in the fire that turned the settlements on the island to ashes. Maui fire department announced that hundreds of people are missing.

80 dead, hundreds of missing people in uncontrollable fire in Hawaii
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The forest fire on the island of Maui in the US state of Hawaii cannot be brought under control. Many settlements on the island were damaged by the fire. The death toll has risen to 80, Hawaiian officials say.

Thousands of people were left homeless due to the forest fire, which was recorded as the biggest natural disaster in the state's history. 80 people lost their lives in Maui and hundreds of people are missing. Search and rescue efforts continue on the island.

Many settlements at risk from forest fires have been evacuated.


Maui security forces have closed roads leading to the town of Lahaina, which has been heavily affected by the fire, as they make efforts to evacuate island residents. It is stated that residential areas in Lahaina have been largely destroyed by the fire.

Authorities announced that the wildfire is moving towards the city of Kaanapalion the west of the island.


The wildfire in Hawaii has been recorded as the largest natural disaster in the island's history. In 1960, 60 people lost their lives due to the tsunami that hit the town of Hilo.

In addition to this, the wildfire in Maui has surpassed the tsunami with 80 confirmed deaths so far, making it the natural disaster with the highest number of casualties on the island.

Source: The Guardian

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