3 crocodiles under the pavement in neighborhood in India

2023-08-12 11:51:27 | Last Update : 2023-08-12 12:26:46

An astonishing event took place in India. In a neighborhood, 3 crocodiles came out from under the sidewalk. Neighborhood residents recorded those moments on their cell phone cameras. It was noteworthy that those around laughed as the crocodiles were rescued from under the pavement.

3 crocodiles under the pavement in neighborhood in India
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A strange incident occurred in India. Residents who heard interesting sounds coming from under the pavement in a neighborhood informed the teams. When the arriving teams lifted the sidewalk, they found 3 crocodiles under it. Those moments were reflected on the cell phone camera.

Residents in a neighborhood in India claimed that strange noises were coming from under the pavement. After the pavement cracked, crews started working to remove it.


When they started to remove the pavement, residents were astonished to see the crocodile underground. With the help of a tool, a member of the team trapped the crocodile and rescued it. While the first crocodile was being rescued, it was wiggling in motion. Just then another crocodile came out from behind. When the people around saw the second crocodile, they laughed and were amazed.

The third crocodile remained motionless under the pavement. Only the crocodile's back was exposed. Surrounding people recorded those moments with a cell phone camera.

Source: New York Post

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