Qatar, Russia to sign new grain deal with Türkiye’s efforts: Sources

2023-08-21 10:38:13 | Last Update : 2023-08-21 10:47:39

Türkiye is reportedly working on a new Black Sea Grain Corridor with Russia and Qatar. The German newspaper Bild announced that the new agreement, with Türkiye at the center, will be signed in the coming days.

Qatar, Russia to sign new grain deal with Türkiye’s efforts: Sources

Türkiye is working to find a solution to the grain supply problem that started with Russia's attack on Ukraine. Türkiye, Russia, and Qatar have made significant progress in securing grain exports to world markets, Bild, one of Germany's most influential newspapers, reported.

According to the newspaper, under the agreement reached by the three countries, Türkiye will transport the grain to world markets, Qatar will finance the process and Russia will supply the grain.

Unlike the previous Black Sea Grain Corridor Agreement, the new agreement will offer Russian grain to world markets, especially African countries, Bild highlighted.

With the new agreement, Russia will realize its long-standing desire to offer its grain to world markets.

While the US and Western countries have not directly embargoed Russian grain, they have indirectly prevented the grain-rich country from exporting through their embargoes on Russian companies.


It was reported that this step was very important for African countries, which had food problems even before the Russia-Ukraine war.

Also, It is stated that African countries that are fragile in terms of food will breathe a sigh of relief with the agreement that the three countries participated in.


It also shared a remarkable piece of information about the grain deal, from which Russia unilaterally withdrew.

The newspaper noted that Moscow informed Türkiye before withdrawing from the agreement.


Bild also drew attention to Türkiye's efforts to ensure the healthy functioning of grain supplies and mentioned the initiatives of Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan. It was stated that Fidan requested Russia to return to the Black Sea Grain Corridor Agreement, which also includes Ukraine.

In addition, the Foreign Minister suggested that the agreement should be implemented under United Nations (UN) supervision.

Türkiye's efforts did not stop there, as it also tried to ensure that grain shipments from both Ukraine and Russia were secured.

However, it was reported that the Ukrainian side only wanted to export its own grain, while Russia preferred to show what its neighbor should or should not do by "bombing" it.


Bild newspaper reported that the agreement, which is of great interest to the world, is expected to be signed in the coming days.

Source: Bild

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