African Union suspends Niger's membership: Sources

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The African Union (AU) announced that it has suspended the membership of Niger, where military intervention is on the agenda. The Union also expressed its support for ECOWAS' efforts to restore constitutional order in Niamey.

African Union suspends Niger's membership: Sources

The African Union (AU) announced that they have suspended the membership of Niger, where a military junta took over after a coup.

The AU Peace and Security Council convened with the military coup in Niger on the agenda. In a written statement from the AU, it was announced that Niger's participation in the activities of institutions or organizations within the Union was immediately terminated.

The AU said the decision will continue until constitutional order is restored in Niger.

The Union noted full support for the efforts of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to restore constitutional order.

It also expressed its strong rejection of the involvement of any country or organization outside the African continent in the developments in Niger. The intervention of mercenary groups on the continent, without naming Wagner directly, is also contrary to agreements signed between member states in 1977, the alliance said.

It called on the soldiers in Niamey to put the interests of their country and its people above all else and to return to their barracks and restore constitutional order.

The Council expressed deep concern at military coups undermining democracy, peace, security, and stability on the African continent.

Source: Ihlas News Agency

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