'Wine crate' detail in alleged assassination of Prigozhin

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There has been a new development that will unravel the mystery of the plane crash in which Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader of the Wagner group, was declared dead. It was claimed that Prigozhin's Embraer Legacy 600 type private jet was bombed in a ‘wine crate’.

'Wine crate' detail in alleged assassination of Prigozhin

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader of the mercenary group Wagner in a failed coup attempt that lasted 24 hours in Russia, was killed in a plane crash. While the mystery surrounding Prigojin's death has not yet been lifted, new details emerging strengthen the possibility of assassination, The Sun reported.

Kristina Raspopova, a flight attendant on Prigojin's private jet, reportedly told her relatives before the flight that there was an unexpected problem with the aircraft and that they were kept waiting for repairs.

Raspopova was an attendant on board the Embraer Legacy 600 private jet, and what she told her relatives strengthened allegations that explosives had been planted on the aircraft in a "wine crate".

One of Raspopova's relatives said in a statement to the Russian press, stating that maintenance was carried out on the aircraft.

"We are waiting for the flight. Some maintenance work, nothing special,” Raspopova said before the flight.

These statements led to the consideration of the allegation that the aircraft was loaded with "bomb-laden wine crates" before take-off, which made a lot of noise on Russian social media.


The Institute for the Study of War said its preliminary findings showed that the Russian President Vladimir Putin administration had "almost certainly" ordered the downing of the aircraft.

The Shot Telegram channel, known for its opposition stance in Russia, focuses on the claim that the investigators investigating the accident have placed a bomb on the landing gear of the aircraft. It was also stated that Prigojin's personal pilot Artem Stepanov was also suspected. It is pointed out that Stepanov was among the co-founders of MNT-Aero, the aircraft company that crashed.

It is stated that Prigozhin returned to Russia from Africa and then flew to Moscow for an unknown reason. Some news websites claimed that Prigozhin was called by the Kremlin. It was also reported that a mobile phone belonging to Prigojin, known as "Putin's chief", was found in the plane wreckage.

Source: The Sun

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