Heavy rains in Brazil kill 36 people

2023-09-07 12:05:33 | Son Güncelleme : 2023-09-07 12:12:27

Heavy rains in Brazil caused flooding. In the statement made after the disaster, it was stated that 36 people lost their lives.

Heavy rains in Brazil kill 36 people
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The number of people killed in floods caused by heavy rains in Brazil's Rio Grande do Sul state rose to 36, state governor Eduardo Leite said in a statement.

It was stated that more than a thousand people were waiting to be rescued on the roofs of their houses in the state where emergency rescue operations were launched.

While it was announced that 52 thousand people and 70 towns were affected by the floods caused by heavy rains that have been effective since Monday in the state where a state of emergency was declared, more than 5 thousand 300 people had to leave their homes.

Source: Ihlas News Agency