More than 5 thousand people lost their lives in flood disaster in Libya

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After the hurricane hit the east of Libya, the death toll rose to 5 thousand 300, Tripoli Ambassador Kenan Yilmaz said that many bridges and dykes were destroyed in the hurricane and many settlements were wiped off the map.

More than 5 thousand people lost their lives in flood disaster in Libya

Hurricane "Daniel", which turned its direction to Libya in the central Mediterranean after hitting Greece, spread death to the country. While the death toll exceeded 5 thousand due to the hurricane that hit the cities of Benghazi, Beyda, Merc, Sousse, Al-Marj, and Bayda in Libya, the search for thousands of missing people continues, according to local sources.


Libya's official news agency LANA announced that the number of people killed in the floods in the city of Dernea increased to 5,300 and thousands of people were missing.


In the statement made by the Red Cross, it was stated that the number of missing people after the floods reached 10 thousand. It was learned that the flood disaster in Derna, which was severely affected by the flood, was caused by the collapse of two dams and more than 30 million cubic meters of water was dispersed to the city.

While the east of the country was declared a disaster zone, Libya called for international aid. Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) announced that 150 search and rescue personnel, tents, and supplies will be sent to Libya affected by floods.


On the other hand, speaking to the Turkish press, Turkish Ambassador to Tripoli Kenan Yilmaz revealed the gravity of the situation after the floods in Libya.

"Many bridges and dykes were destroyed in the hurricane. It is rumored that many settlements have been wiped off the map,” Yilmaz said.

Yilmaz stated that the region receives very heavy rainfall and that the region is geographically unable to handle this rainfall. He also gave information on whether there were any Turkish citizens who lost their lives.

"We have not received any information that there is a Turkish citizen among the casualties. We will share this information with you if it comes to us,” he added.

Source: Ihlas News Agency

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