Dangerous tension between Taiwan and China in Far East

2023-09-14 09:40:32 | Son Güncelleme : 2023-09-14 09:48:50

According to the statement made by the Taiwan Defence Ministry, 68 military aircraft and 10 ships belonging to China were detected around the island.

Dangerous tension between Taiwan and China in Far East
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From Wednesday evening until the morning hours, sixty-eight military aircraft and 10 warships belonging to China were detected around Taiwan Island, Taiwan's Ministry of Defence announced.

In the statement made by the Ministry on the social media account on X, it was stated that forty of the sixty-eight aircraft crossed the air and sea line, which is assumed to limit the spheres of influence of the parties in the Taiwan Strait, and flew in the area declared by Taiwan as the "Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ)".


It was noted that four "SU-30", twelve "J-10" type fighter jets crossed the nominal "middle line" in the Taiwan Strait, sixteen "J-16" type fighter jets, two "KJ-500" type early warning aircraft, two "Y-9" type military transport aircraft, three "Y-20" type refueling aircraft and "BZK-005" type unarmed drone flew southwest of ADIZ.


In addition to the Shandong aircraft carrier sailing near Taiwan in the Western Pacific, ten Chinese warships were also seen around the island.

"Taiwan's armed forces are monitoring the situation with fighter jets, ships, detection and tracking vehicles, and land-based missile systems," the ministry said.

The flights and ship patrols were the highest number of military aircraft detected in one day since China's exercises around Taiwan in April.


China's activity in the region came after two warships of the United States and Canadian navies passed through the Taiwan Strait last week.

The "Arleigh Burke" class guided missile-carrying Ralph Johnson destroyer of the United States Navy and the "Halifax" class Ottawa cruiser of the Royal Canadian Navy had made a routine passage through the Taiwan Strait on September 9.

Source: Anadolu Agency