Evacuations began after consecutive explosions on French island of Corsica

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Explosions occurred in different cities on Corsica Island in France. Bomb disposal teams were sent to the areas where explosions occurred. Citizens in the region were evacuated.

Evacuations began after consecutive explosions on French island of Corsica

European country France was shaken by news of explosions one after the other. According to the news of Corse Matin newspaper, explosions occurred in Vico, Tavaco, Alata, and Bastelicaccia cities of Corsica Island. The first explosion took place around 22.30 local time. Fire brigades in different cities of the island arrived at the points where explosions occurred.

While a villa in Alata was damaged in the explosion, a bomb disposal team was sent to the region. At least 6 explosions occurred in Haute-Corse province.

In the city of Brando in this province, there were 4 explosions in the area where 14 households were located, and the residents of the households were evacuated. Bomb disposal teams found a gas bottle at the scene. There were explosions in a villa under construction in the city of Lucciana and in the city of Santa Reparata di Balagna. It was not stated whether anyone was injured in the explosions.


French President Emmanuel Macron made contacts on the island of Corsica, where he traveled to discuss the granting of a new autonomy status. On September 28, Macron called for an autonomy status for Corsica 'within the French Republic'.

Corsica was conquered by France, who had bought the island from the Genoese in 1767. This purchase, an illegitimate act in the eyes of the Corsican Republic, is validated in the Treaty of Versailles of 1768. The Island of Corsica, where Napoleon Bonaparte was born, differs from the mainland with its language and culture and is geographically closer to Italy. The island with a population of 350 thousand, which is considered one of France's 18 regions, has been governed with the status of "special regional integrity", which provides limited autonomy since 2018.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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