Hostage situation puts all flights at Hamburg airport on hold

2023-11-05 14:25:44 | Last Update : 2023-11-05 14:58:38

An armed man took his own child hostage as he tried to board a plane after breaking through to the tarmac with his vehicle at Hambur airport.

Hostage situation puts all flights at Hamburg airport on hold
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Air traffic at Germany's Hamburg airport was suspended on Sunday as an armed man took a child hostage according to claims.

An armed person entered the apron at Hamburg Airport by breaking the door with his vehicle at around 20:00 local time yesterday, Federal Police Spokesperson Thomas Gerbert told German news agency dpa.

The suspect fired his gun into the air twice and threw two molotov cocktails, Gerbert said that aircraft traffic was stopped at Hamburg Airport and many police officers were at the scene. The gunman then took his child hostage.

According to the statement made by the Hamburg police, there were two people in the vehicle, including a child.

While it was claimed that the incident was caused by a custody dispute, it was noted that the situation was a hostage taking incident.

The police stated that the situation was "static" throughout the night and that the police's negotiation group was in contact with those in the vehicle.

In the statement made by Hamburg Airport, it was said that the airport would remain closed until further notice and passengers were asked not to come to the airport.

According to Bild newspaper, the 35-year-old father who took his 4-year-old daughter hostage, wants to go to Türkiye.

Before the father, who lives in the state of Lower Saxony, arrived at Hamburg Airport with his car, the mother had called the police and alerted them to the abduction of her child.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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