Israel offers bribes to social media influencers for 'fake support'

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An American Zionist organization offered a bribe of $5,000 to a TikTok influencer with three million followers under the pseudonym 'yourfavouriteguy' to support Israel

Since Oct. 7, Israel, which has been massacring Palestinians in Gaza, has been getting harsh reactions from all over the world. The protests have turned into a worldwide boycott against Israel and Israeli goods. The Israeli government has also taken action to use social media and journalists to revitalize its economy. Israel offers influencers and journalists to work on its behalf in exchange for money.

According to the information received from social media platforms, Israel makes payments under certain pretenses in the face of these actions. They also involve influencers in their propaganda through activities such as cooperation, sponsorship, and monetizable gifts.

Last week, Guy Christensen, a TikTok influencer, disclosed an email he claimed was sent to him by a U.S.-based Zionist organization. In the e-mail, Christensen, who has nearly 3 million followers on the platform, was allegedly offered $5,000 to pledge his support for Israel.

However, Christensen vehemently rejected this outrageous request and reiterated his support for Palestine.

Source: Newsroom


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