Qatar attempts to mediate deal for ceasefire in Gaza, release of hostages

2023-11-15 17:50:14 | Last Update : 2023-11-15 18:15:59

Qatari mediators continue negotiations with Hamas and Israel over a deal to release around 50 hostages and a three-day ceasefire in Gaza

Qatar attempts to mediate deal for ceasefire in Gaza, release of hostages
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Qatari mediators on Wednesday attempted to negoiate a deal between Hamas and Israel for a three-day ceasefire and the release of around 50 hostages from Gaza and some Palestinian women and children from Israeli jails.

The Qatar-mediated and U.S.-coordinated deal also seeks to increase the amount of humanitarian aid flow in the region, according to a Reuters exclusive.

Insiders have said that negotiations were ongoing with Israel over the details as Tel Aviv had not yet accepted the deal's outline while Hamas agreed with the deal in general.

"Netanyahu is stalling and is undermining any progress. He is exploiting the issue of the captives to continue the aggression. Netanyahu isn't serious about reaching an agreement," Taher Al-Nono, media adviser to Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh told Reuters when asked about the negotiations, but did not directly confirm the deal under discussion.

If implemented, the deal would see the highest number of hostages released since the conflict began on Oct. 7.

Hamas had said earlier this week that it was willing to release up to 70 women and children in return for a five-day truce.

Source: Newsroom


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