Crew ef 11 went missing after cargo ship sinks near Turkish coast

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No sign of Turkish cargo ship named ‘Kafkametler’ coming from Russia to Turkiye as 1 person, believed to be the cook chef of the ship, was found dead with 12 others still missing

Crew ef 11 went missing after cargo ship sinks near Turkish coast

A Turkish cargo ship named Kafkametler, which was transporting 1,542 tons of ferrosilicon cargo from Russia’s Temruk city to Turkiye’s Izmir, took shelter in the port in the Eregli district of Turkiye’s Zonguldak province yesterday due to a severe storm. Shortly after sailing again, it sank with its crew of 12 personnel. One person among the crew, identified as the ship’s cook, was found dead in the search operation initiated after the storm began to lose its power.

The Kafkametler vessel sent out a distress signal at 10:29 am, according to the Turkish Ministry of transport.

The captain said in his last communication with authorities that the ship was drifting towards a breakwater off Eregli.

Minister of Internal Affairs Ali Yerlikaya stated that they speculated the crew failed to anchor, leading the ship to hit the breakwater and break apart around 10:14 a.m. Sunday.

"Due to adverse weather and sea conditions, the Turkish flagged dry cargo ship 'Kafkametler', which left the port for Izmir, drifted and sank by hitting the breakwater. There is still no contact with the 12 Turkish crew members on board. Coast Guard Command, Naval Forces, AFAD, Coastal Safety, gendarmerie, police, and fire brigade teams are standing by," Yerlikaya noted.

Source: Ihlas News Agency

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