‘We should kill more Palestinian children’: Former Obama official

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Former US State Department official Stuart Seldowitz harasses Muslim food vendor in Manhattan, saying ‘killing 4,000 Palestinian kids … wasn’t enough’

We killed more than 4,000 Palestinian children, we should have killed more, said Stuart Seldowitz, who worked in the South Asia Directorate of the State Department's National Security Council under former United States President Barack Obama.

Former State Department employee Seldowitz's harassment of a halal food vendor in New York City became an agenda on social media. In the video shared on X social media platform, it was seen that Seldowitz harassed the person selling food on the street by saying "You are a terrorist".

In another video shared by another X user, Seldowitz was again seen harassing a street vendor and using provocative expressions including insults against the Holy Quran.

After it was revealed that Seldowitz worked for Gotham Government Relations, the organization made a statement on its X account and announced that it had terminated all relations with Seldowitz. "His actions in the video are despicable, racist, and dishonorable to the standards we uphold in our firm," the statement read. Social media posts pointed out that Seldowitz served as deputy director and senior political official in the US State Department's Office of Israel and Palestinian Affairs from 1999 to 2003.

Source: Newsroom

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