Political parties in Pakistan stage protests alleging election fraud

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Political unrest grips Pakistan as parties protest alleged election fraud countrywide

Political parties in Pakistan stage protests alleging election fraud

Political parties in Pakistan protested across the country, alleging fraud in the elections.

According to the news in the national media, the Pakistan Justice Movement (PTI), the party of the detained former Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Jamaat-e-Islami Party and the Society of Islamic Ulema Party (JUI-F) organized demonstrations in various cities of the country.

PTI has called for protests in front of Election Commission offices across the country, alleging election fraud.

The police did not allow the group that wanted to go to the Election Commission in Rawalpindi. After the fight between the police and the group, the police dispersed the PTI supporters who were blocking the road with batons and pepper gas.

Some PTI supporters were detained during the incidents.

Action on highways

Jamaat-i Islami Party leader Siraj-ul-Haq announced that they did not accept the election results because there was fraud. Party members organized a protest in Karachi.

Supporters of the Society of Islamic Ulema Party also rejected the election results and blocked roads in various parts of Sindh province. Demonstrators held demonstrations on highways, causing intercity traffic to be disrupted.

The Election Commission of Pakistan announced the results of the elections of the National Assembly and provincial assemblies held on Feb. 8 today.

Source: Anadolu Agency 

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