UN chief urges for equal representation of genders on international day

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U.N. chief Guterres stressed the importance of women and girls in science, saying that gender equality in science is vital for a better future

UN chief urges for equal representation of genders on international day

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stressed the significance of gender parity in the field of science in his address for the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, celebrated on Feb. 11. 

Guterres emphasized the crucial contribution of women and girls in scientific domains, asserting that "achieving gender equality in science is essential for constructing a brighter future for everyone." 

Despite their importance, Guterres highlighted the substantial obstacles that women and girls encounter within the scientific realm. "Regrettably, women and girls persist in facing entrenched obstacles and prejudices that hinder their pursuit of scientific careers," he remarked. 

Guterres illuminated the marked imbalances present in the scientific community, observing that "currently, women constitute only a third of the global scientific population," and they encounter significant hurdles in securing funding, publishing opportunities, and reaching senior positions. 

The secretary-general also addressed the severe educational constraints faced by women and girls in specific regions, characterizing it as "a harmful practice for the affected societies and a grave infringement of human rights." 

Guterres underscored the imperative of involving women and girls in scientific endeavors to effectively address global challenges. 

"From climate change to healthcare to artificial intelligence, the equitable involvement of women and girls in scientific exploration and innovation is the sole means to ensure that science benefits everyone," he insisted. 

To narrow the gender disparity in science, Guterres advocated for comprehensive actions, including "eradicating gender stereotypes and endorsing role models that inspire girls to pursue scientific fields; establishing initiatives to bolster the progress of women in science; and fostering a work environment that nurtures the talents of all individuals, including women from minority communities."


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