Moldova finds parts of Russian drone near Ukraine border

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Moldova finds remnants of Russian unmanned aerial vehicle near Ukrainian border amid escalating tensions between Moscow and Kyiv

Moldova finds parts of Russian drone near Ukraine border

Moldova discovered parts of a Russian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) near its border with Ukraine. This development comes as the region braces for the third year of the ongoing conflict between Moscow and Kyiv.

The Moldovan Border Police released a statement on Sunday reporting the detection of remnants of a Shahed drone in the vicinity of the commune of Etulia, situated in close proximity to the Ukrainian border. 

The police assured the safety of the local communities by stating that all necessary measures to uphold "order, peace, and public safety" had been implemented. 

Following the discovery, the drone remnants were collected by experts for further analysis. The police suggested that anti-aircraft systems may have brought down the UAV during a recent Russian assault in Ukraine's southwestern Odesa region. 

Moldovan President Maia Sandu emphasized that the "unearthing of the Shahed drone debris in southern Moldova today serves as yet another poignant indication of the dire circumstances we are confronting. Russia's belligerence poses a threat to the entire continent. Support for Ukraine must persist." 

 Source: AA

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