Indonesia students set to protest poll interference

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Indonesian students and activists protest to voice dissatisfaction with the abuse of power in the elections

Indonesia students set to protest poll interference

Indonesian students and activists are gearing up for widespread protests on Monday, expressing their discontent over what they perceive as President Joko Widodo's misuse of power to influence the upcoming election in favor of frontrunner Prabowo Subianto.

Although the incumbent, known as Jokowi, has not explicitly endorsed any candidate among the three vying for his position, critics argue that his public appearances with Prabowo and his son's candidacy as vice president create an implicit bias.

As Indonesia prepares for its crucial election, concerns have heightened over the integrity of the process. 

Two recent opinion surveys have indicated that Prabowo might secure over 50% of the votes, potentially winning in a single round. This projection puts rivals Anies Baswedan and Ganjar Pranowo at a significant disadvantage, trailing by at least 20 points.

The accusation of abuse of power and interference in the electoral process has become a rallying point for the planned protests, with organizers anticipating significant participation from students and activists.

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