Stololberg slams Trump's NATO comments

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NATO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg criticized Donald Trump comments for NATO's security

Stololberg slams Trump's NATO comments

On Sunday, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg strongly criticized former U.S. President Donald Trump for his remarks implying that the U.S. might not defend NATO allies, failing to meet defense spending targets against a potential Russian invasion.

Stoltenberg issued a written statement, asserting that any suggestion of allies not defending each other undermines collective security, jeopardizing American and European soldiers. He emphasized that such comments put the entire security framework at risk and increased the U.S. and Europe's vulnerability.

In response to Trump's comments, Stoltenberg reaffirmed NATO's commitment to a unified and forceful response in the face of any attack on the military alliance.

This statement aimed to dispel doubts about NATO's solidarity and collective defense principles, which form the core of the organization's strength and effectiveness.

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