UN probes $3B N. Korean cyberattack for weapons funding

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The U.N. is investigating 58 cyberattacks by North Korea from 2017 to 2023, amassing $3 billion for weapons development in Pyongyang

UN probes $3B N. Korean cyberattack for weapons funding

The United Nations is currently investigating 58 cyberattacks carried out by North Korea between 2017 and 2023, which amassed $3 billion to support the development of weapons of mass destruction in Pyongyang.

The U.N. Security Council, which has been briefed on these developments, has connected these findings to Kim Jong Un's ongoing production of ballistic missiles, a tactical nuclear attack submarine, and related tests, all of which have been prohibited by the alliance since 2006.  

According to Reuters, citing unpublished U.N. documents, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) has continued to defy Security Council sanctions by advancing its nuclear weapons program and producing nuclear materials despite its last known nuclear test occurring in 2017.  

The council has identified hacking groups operating under North Korea's Reconnaissance General Bureau, the country's foreign intelligence agency, as being responsible for these activities. The monitoring group, which compiles reports semi-annually for the 15-member council, has observed a trend of DPRK targeting defense companies and supply chains, as well as an increasing sharing of infrastructure and tools.  

Although the U.N. has not yet responded to the advisory, it is anticipated to issue a public statement later this February or in March, as reported by the news agency. Furthermore, the updates from the U.N. sanctions monitors have highlighted additional instances of North Korea violating other resolutions since its initial nuclear test in the early 2000s. These violations include the prohibition of military supplies and luxury goods to Pyongyang, as well as restrictions on the republic's Foreign Trade Bank and North Korean citizens working abroad. 

“The panel is investigating reports from Member States about supplies by DPRK of conventional arms and munitions in contravention of sanctions,” the U.N. sanction group wrote. 

“The 2023 overall recorded trade volume surpassed the total for 2022, accompanied by the reappearance of a large variety of foreign consumer goods, some of which could be classified as luxury items.” 

“The panel investigated reports of numerous DPRK nationals working overseas earning income in violation of sanctions, including in the information technology, restaurant, and construction sectors.” 


Source: Reuters 

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