4 dead in shooting at Greek shipping firm

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Four people have died in an attack on a shipping office in Athens, Greek authorities say

4 dead in shooting at Greek shipping firm

On Monday, a former employee fatally shot the CEO of a Greek shipping company along with three others at the firm's office in Athens before taking his own life, according to a police spokesperson

The incident took place in Glyfada, where a 70-year-old Egyptian national went on a shooting rampage at the offices of European Product Carriers, a prominent shipping company.

The incident unfolded as the armed man broke into the building, targeting employees before turning the gun on himself. The victims, including the owner of the company, were identified as two men and a woman. The shooting initially prompted fears of a hostage situation, further intensifying the gravity of the situation.

One witness recounted hearing the first two shots and then witnessing two individuals rushing down the stairs, warning of the armed assailant. 

Law enforcement swiftly responded to the unfolding crisis, cordoning off a significant area around the building. 

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