Jordan urges Gaza ceasefire after talking to US

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2024-02-13 02:28:14 | Last Update : 2024-02-13 04:33:12

King Abdullah II of Jordan calls for a complete ceasefire to end the ongoing violence in Gaza, opposing US President Joe Biden's proposal for a six-week break

Jordan urges Gaza ceasefire after talking to US

Following meetings with US President Joe Biden, King Abdullah II of Jordan has vehemently called on Monday for a quick and complete ceasefire to end the current bloodshed in Gaza. 

President Biden emphasized the need to protect residents in Rafah, the southern Gaza city, during a joint appearance at the White House amid discussions in Israel of an imminent ground invasion. In the meanwhile, King Abdullah issued a warning against going on the attack and emphasized how urgently hostilities must end.

As part of a larger accord that would also entail the release of captives, Biden said that the United States is actively involved in mediating a six-week truce in Gaza. Reiterating the urgent need for a durable peace, King Abdullah called for an immediate end to the violence.

King Abdullah underlined the dire consequences of an Israeli attack on Rafah and the duty of the international community to step in and stop more humanitarian destruction during their first face-to-face encounter since hostilities began on Oct. 7.

While the US has resisted calling for an all-encompassing ceasefire, President Biden has taken a more assertive stand recently, calling Israel's actions in Gaza "over the top."

Source: AFP

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