Child shooter injures 3 minors in Finnish primary school

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A school shooting by a minor at Viertola primary school in Finland injures three children, with police quickly controlling the situation, apprehending the suspect

Child shooter injures 3 minors in Finnish primary school

A child opened fire in the Viertola primary school in Vantaa, just outside Helsinki, early Tuesday morning.

The incident injured three minors, Finnish police confirmed. In a statement, they revealed, "All those involved in the shooting incident are minors."

The school, which has around 800 students from first to ninth grade, faced an unexpected crisis when the attack occurred shortly after 7 a.m. U.K. time. During the incident, students either hid or witnessed the events, some recounting their experiences to parents via mobile phones.

Authorities responded promptly to the emergency call. Finnish broadcaster MTV Uutiset reported the presence of armed police officers on the scene. Police took the young shooter into custody quickly, preventing further harm.

A police spokesperson said, "The victims were taken to hospital," providing assurance about the immediate care for the injured. However, details on their condition are currently not available.

The community around Viertola School, known for its substantial size and staff of approximately 90 people, is in shock. Officials have asked local residents to avoid the area for the time being.

"The immediate danger is over," Viertola school's principal Sari Laasila told Reuters, offering a brief comment on the situation. The school and the authorities are now grappling with the aftermath of this rare and unsettling occurrence.

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