N. Korea launches ballistic missile, escalating tension in Pacific

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North Korea ballistic missile launch at 6:53 a.m. local time has drawn swift warnings from South Korea and Japan about the escalating fragility of the regional and global security

N. Korea launches ballistic missile, escalating tension in Pacific

North Korea fired an intermediate-range ballistic missile at 6:53 a.m. local time on Tuesday, which landed in the Sea of Japan. 

The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff condemned the act in a statement, emphasizing that such actions escalate regional and global tensions.

'S. Korea threatens global security'

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida asserted that South Korea not only poses a regional but also a global security threat.

"North Korea's missile test is a problem that concerns not only our country's safety but also the security of the region and the global community, and it is unacceptable," he said. 

'The third missile test in 2024'

The recent missile launch represents North Korea's third ballistic missile test in 2024. North Korean authorities assert that this trial is part of their assessment of a new intermediate-range hypersonic missile featuring a solid-fuel engine.

Pyongyang launched a fresh surface-to-sea cruise missile, the Padasuri-6, from its eastern coastline on February 14, following its initial ballistic missile launch of the year on January 14.

This development follows shortly after a Russian veto obstructed United Nations monitoring of North Korean sanctions violations, amid ongoing inquiries into alleged arms transactions between Moscow and Pyongyang. Additionally, this launch precedes South Korea's forthcoming general elections by just a week.

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