Netanyahu deems Israeli strike that killed 7 aid workers 'unintentional'

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Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu declares airstrike that killed seven in Gaza as unintentional, leading to global demands for investigation, accountability

Netanyahu deems Israeli strike that killed 7 aid workers 'unintentional'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed that an Israeli airstrike "mistakenly" killed seven humanitarian aid workers in Gaza.

"Unfortunately, on the last day, there was a tragic case of our forces unintentionally hitting innocent people in the Gaza Strip," Netanyahu stated.

This airstrike targeted members of the U.S.-based World Central Kitchen (WCK), actively engaged in providing food aid in war-torn Gaza. The victims included nationals from Australia, Poland, the United Kingdom, a dual U.S.-Canada citizen, and Palestine.

Addressing this tragic outcome, Netanyahu said, “We will investigate it right to the end... We are in contact with the governments and will do everything so that this thing does not happen again.”

The event has triggered a wave of international condemnation. The United States, traditionally an ally of Israel, voiced its concerns through National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson on X: "Humanitarian aid workers must be protected as they deliver aid that is desperately needed."

The U.K.'s response was equally stern. British Foreign Secretary David Cameron demanded a comprehensive explanation from Israel, a sentiment echoed by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who expressed his shock.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese called the attack “completely unacceptable” and paid tribute to the Australian volunteer Lalzawmi “Zomi” Frankcom.

World Central Kitchen’s Jose Andres called for an end to "this indiscriminate killing." The European Union's Josep Borrell, Warsaw, and Beijing condemned the attack, calling for a full investigation. In addition, Madrid's Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez described the strike as a "brutal attack."

Responding to the global criticism, the Israeli Defense Forces announced an investigation.

“We will share our findings transparently,” assured Israeli military spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari. Netanyahu promised to take steps to prevent such incidents in the future.

This incident sheds light on the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

The region is facing a potential famine, according to U.N. agencies, and has seen its plight worsened by the conflict and the blockade, hindering essential aid and intensifying civilian suffering.

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