Taiwan earthquake triggers major rescue operation for 70 miners

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A devastating 7.4 magnitude earthquake in Taiwan causes widespread damage, trapping 70 miners, impacting areas over 150 kilometers away, including Taipei

Taiwan earthquake triggers major rescue operation for 70 miners

Taiwan experienced its most severe earthquake in 25 years early Wednesday, resulting in fatalities, structural collapses, and trapping dozens, including 70 miners.

Originating off the coast of Hualien County, this 7.4 magnitude quake, as estimated by the U.S. Geological Survey, wreaked havoc on buildings and infrastructure.

Despite being over 150 kilometers (93.2 miles) away, Taipei saw evacuations and damage, particularly in older structures.

The quake's intensity surprised even the earthquake-prepared Taiwanese.

"I've grown accustomed to (earthquakes). But today was the first time I was scared to tears by an earthquake," shared Taipei resident Hsien-hsuen Keng.

Nine people lost their lives because of the quake and subsequent rockslides, with hundreds injured. Among the casualties, three were hikers in Taroko National Park, and falling boulders killed a van driver.

The quake trapped 64 miners in one coal mine and six in another.

Taiwan's national fire agency reported that "we had lost contact with 50 people in minibusses after the quake downed phone networks." Rescuers worked diligently to free trapped residents, as seen in television footage of neighbors and rescue workers carefully extracting a toddler and other residents from a partially collapsed building.

The earthquake triggered widespread transportation disruptions and suspended train and subway services across Taiwan. The technology sector, vital to Taiwan's economy, was also affected." We evacuated employees from some of our factories in Hsinchu," stated a spokesperson from Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC.

Despite these challenges, Taiwan's stock exchange commenced trading, reflecting the country's resilience in natural disasters.

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