Greek authorities order urgent probe into murder of woman

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After a 28-year-old woman is fatally stabbed by her ex-partner just outside Athens' police station where she sought help, Greece faces a national reckoning

Greek authorities order urgent probe into murder of woman

A 28-year-old woman was fatally stabbed by her former partner moments after she sought protection at a local police station. The brutal attack has sent shockwaves across Greece, prompting authorities to order an urgent investigation.

The young woman visited the Aghii Anargyri police station in northern Athens to seek protection from her 39-year-old former partner. According to police statements, she had previously filed complaints against him for abusive behavior.

Fearing for her safety, as her ex-boyfriend had been seen loitering outside her home, she requested a patrol car for protection. However, she declined to make a formal complaint, leading the police to instruct her to use the emergency line for assistance.

Tragically, as she was on the phone with the emergency operator, her ex-partner attacked her with a knife right outside the police station.

Greece's call for action, legal reform

Following the harrowing event, Greek authorities, led by the Minister in charge of police Michalis Chrisochoidis initiated a comprehensive investigation. This "full, in-depth" inquiry is focused on the incident's circumstances and the police response at the time.

This case has also reignited discussions on the legal treatment of femicide in Greece. Left-wing opposition parties are advocating for the recognition of femicide – the gender-motivated killing of women – as a distinct category in the Greek criminal code.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou expressed deep shock, emphasizing the urgent responsibility of authorities to fight gender-based violence. In her statement, she referred to the incident as "yet another femicide."

Athens attacker's history of violence

The assailant had previously been arrested for various offenses, including insubordination, drugs, sexual assault, and battery. Eyewitness accounts described a chilling scene where he attacked the victim, his ex-partner, shouting threats as he stabbed her multiple times.

This information paints a picture of a man who posed a significant and known threat, as reported by Proto Thema. The tragic incident has raised concerns about the system's ability to effectively manage and mitigate risks posed by individuals with a history of violence and criminal behavior.

The public's reaction to this revelation has been one of horror and anger, intensifying the call for more robust protective measures and law enforcement protocols to prevent such tragedies.

The tragic incident in Athens is part of Greece's broader, alarming trend. This year alone, the Athens stabbing marks the sixth reported case of femicide. In comparison, 15 such cases were reported in the previous year.

The brutal stabbing of a young woman in Athens, occurring in a context where she sought protection from the very threat that took her life, has catalyzed a national outcry.

Many have pointed to the critical gaps in Greece's approach to protecting women from gender-based violence. The urgent investigation into this incident and the broader calls for legal reform reflect a societal imperative to address these shortcomings.

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