Türkiye calls for UN intervention in escalating violence in Rafah, Gaza

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Türkiye urges global action following Israel's intensifying offensive in Rafah, citing grave humanitarian concerns

Türkiye calls for UN intervention in escalating violence in Rafah, Gaza

In response to recent events in the Gaza Strip, Türkiye has expressed deep concern over Israel's intensifying attacks on Rafah, a city on Gaza's Egyptian border.

Following Israel's attack on early Monday that reportedly resulted in over 100 fatalities, predominantly civilians, Türkiye's Foreign Ministry issued a statement highlighting the alarming situation.

"We are extremely concerned about Israel's escalating attacks on Rafah following the destruction and massacres already inflicted on the Gaza Strip," the statement began.

The ministry further emphasized the humanitarian tragedy in Gaza, which is expected to worsen due to the ongoing attacks.

"The continued attacks will exacerbate the humanitarian tragedy in Gaza to a more severe extent and will harm efforts toward establishing a lasting cease-fire in the region," the Foreign Ministry added.

In a direct appeal, the Turkish government calls on the international community for action. "We are urging the international community, especially the U.N. Security Council, to take the necessary steps to stop Israel," the ministry stated.

With this call, Türkiye aims to prevent further escalation and promote regional peace and stability.


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