EU takes 'künefe' dessert under protection

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Antakya Kunefe, an Arab and Turkish dessert, is protected by the European Union. Kunefe became the 9th Turkish food under protection.

EU takes 'künefe' dessert under protection

The European Union gave a Proctected Geographical Indication to künefe, a Turkish and Arabic dessert.

“Antakya Künefesi is one of the few desserts that contain cheese” in Türkiye, the European Commission explained in a statement announcing the decision.

The dessert is produced in Hatay province, with a recipe “transferred from one generation to the next based on master-apprenticeship relationship,” the document further said.

The dessert is made from a lightly baked thread-like dough (künefelik kadayif), fresh Antakya cheese produced for künefe, butter, and syrup.


This is the 9th Turkish food product that has received EU protection, including “Giresun Tombul Findigi” premium hazelnuts from the Black Sea Region or baklava from Gaziantep.

The European Union maintains a register for the names of agricultural products, foodstuffs, and drinks that enjoy protection across the bloc, featuring geographical indications, product qualities, and legal protection instruments.


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