Paragliding 12 months of the year: World paragliding center in Turkiye's Mugla

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Turkiye's Babadag district in Mugla province has become the center of paragliding students from various countries around the world

Paragliding 12 months of the year: World paragliding center in Turkiye's Mugla

Babadag region in Mugla's Fethiye district, one of Turkiye's tourism paradises, became the center of world paragliding training. In addition to its unique view, Babadag serves local and foreign tourists every year with its runways at elevations of 1,200, 1,700, 1,800, and 1,900 meters. 

Babadag, which provides 12 months of flight opportunities with suitable weather conditions, has become the go-to destination for those who are new to paragliding and want to gain experience.

Especially paragliding pilots who are trying to receive their emergency training have been preferring the district because one can land on the sea during their training over the sea.


David Eyraud, who has been teaching paragliding in France for more than 30 years, came to Babadag with 22 students from France.

"This is a perfect place to practice paragliding. We can practice at many points in Fethiye. We reach the slope with the cable car, this is a great spot to experience paragliding and a perfect place to give courses to candidates who will be trainers," emphasized Eyraud.

Spanish paragliding aerobatic pilot and instructor Raul Rodriguez also stated that he professionally teaches paragliding aerobatics and that he tries turns and maneuvers in all aerobatic styles in paragliding.

"This place is like paradise for us. The conditions are very good, as is the behavior of Turkish people. I am happy to be here and to help those who want to do aerobatic parachuting. We came here to do aerobatic parachuting in winter because the weather is still good and we can swim in the sea and the sea water is warm," Rodriguez noted.

Among the enjoyers of paragliding in Fethiye has not only been people but also animals as Yasin Oflaz, who came to Fethiye for the 23rd International Air Games Festival held in Fethiye, made a paragliding jump from the 1,700-meter high runway of Babadag with his dog named "Badem" on Oct. 23.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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