Christian Siriano evokes 'Dune' at premiere of New York Fashion Week

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Christian Siriano's New York Fashion Week runway dazzled with awe-inspiring "Dune"-inspired outfits

Christian Siriano evokes 'Dune' at premiere of New York Fashion Week

At Thursday night's gala program of New York Fashion Week, Christian Siriano stole the spotlight with his private fashion show, drawing inspiration from the film "Dune: Part Two," set to hit theaters on March 1. 

The designer gave the dresses a desert effect with sunset-like earth tones, lacy velvet and lots of metallic copper tones, orange tulle and ochre sparkles.

Christian Siriano's signature ballgowns took a backseat in his latest collection, with only one black ensemble making an appearance. Instead, the runway featured an array of mini looks, many adorned in gold shimmer with vibrant pops of red.

The designer often draws inspiration from alternative realities, with a caveat: “Don't forget the beauty.” He's a particular fan of the sandy franchise starring Zendaya, whom he's dressed many times, and Timothee Chalamet, a figure he eagerly hopes to dress in the future.

Source: Newsroom

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