Prague's scrumptious delight: Trdelnik, Kurtoskalacs's aroma enchants local streets

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The reason for the sweet smell in every nook and cranny of Prague streets is either the delicious Trdelnik or Kurtoskalacs

Prague's scrumptious delight: Trdelnik, Kurtoskalacs's aroma enchants local streets

EXCLUSIVE BY KORAY ERDOGAN - Trdelnik's origins date back to the 18th century. However, there are many debates about the origin of the dishes. According to the most accepted argument, Trdelnik first appeared in Skalica, a town in Slovakia, neighboring Czechia.

The recipe originated in Skalica and was initially created by a cook brought from Transylvania by retired Bulgarian general Jozsef Gvadanyi. This dessert was prepared in Gvadanyi's house. After a while, the people of Skalica adopted and enhanced the dish, taking it beyond the borders of the cities.

Trdelnik is coming to Czechia

Trdelnik first appeared on Czech soil when it came to Moravia via Slovakia. This happened in the 19th century, about 100 years after its first discovery. Trdelnik is made in Romania, Transylvania, and its surroundings. The recipe has said to travel to various countries in Europe from there.

Same taste, different name

As the dish became famous beyond borders, its recipes and presentations differed from country to country. Trdelnik is not a Czech dessert, although discussions about its origin are inevitable given all this diversity.

"Kurtoskalacs" in Hungary and Bulgaria, "Baumkuchen" in Germany, "Prügelkrapfen" in Austria, "Skalicky trdelnik" in Slovakia, the dessert is not as old and traditional as it is thought to be in Czechia.

21st-century trend

Trdelník started to become famous in Czechia after the Easter markets in 2002 and became one of the symbols of Prague in no time. However, ice cream sets the Czech Trdelnik apart from the others.

You can find this delicious dessert in every corner of Prague. Also, watching it being made is as enjoyable as eating it.

Firing technique from prehistory

In Neolithic times, when people started to grind wheat into flour, they made various doughs, wrapped them around sticks and fried them over the fire.

Trdelnik's dough is wrapped around thick skewers called "trdlo" and cooked over the fire until the delicious smell permeates the air. The name of the dessert comes from these skewers.

After being removed from the skewers, the fried dough is rolled in trays mixed with cinnamon, sugar and nuts, and the remaining space is filled with various fruits, chocolate, honey, ice cream or jam, depending on your preference.

Today, the current recipe for Trdelnik includes 13 secret ingredients.

Over time, the dough has been changed and new cooking methods have been developed.

Prague's Trdelnik with ice cream is a must-try

It is delightful to wander the city streets with Trdelnik in hand – warm in cold weather and loaded with ice cream in hot weather.

Knowing the story behind this delicious dessert will make everything even more enjoyable.

Bon appetit in advance!

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