Türkiye unveils 'Culture Road Festival 2024' in grand style

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Türkiye's Culture Road Festival 2024, unveiled by Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, features international artists and special exhibitions, including original works by Picasso

Türkiye unveils 'Culture Road Festival 2024' in grand style

Culture Road Festival 2024 was officially unveiled by the Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy during a grand launch event at Istanbul's Ataturk Cultural Center (AKM). 

Minister Ersoy, addressing artists, guests, and members of the press, emphasized the festival's role in blending Türkiye's historical heritage with international artistic expressions. Over the past four years, the festival has not only gained international acclaim but also secured membership in the European Festivals Association, spreading its cultural footprint across 16 cities throughout Türkiye.

From Pablo Picasso to Refik Anadol

This year, the festival's lineup includes a special exhibition marking the 50th anniversary of Pablo Picasso's death. The exhibition will feature over 80 of the master artist's original works. This landmark event will allow art lovers across Türkiye to see Picasso's work as it tours various cities.

Notably, the festival will also showcase Sebastiao Salgado's "Genesis Project" and Guvenc Ozel's digital installation "Holloflux." It will also host a comprehensive exhibition on Frida Kahlo and the debut of new works by digital artist Refik Anadol. Additionally, the "Anatolian Edition: From Sketch to Pixel" exhibition aims to spotlight young digital talents.

The festival's unique attractions include "Ataturk on the Culture Path," a digital installation that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to envisage how Ataturk might interact with the festival if he were alive today.

The Orange Blossom Carnival, which occurs from April 13 to 21 in Adana, coincides with the festival.

The festival embarks on a nationwide journey, touching cities from Sanliurfa to Bursa and from Samsun to Trabzon. The itinerary includes stops in Erzurum, Canakkale, Gaziantep, Ankara, Konya, Istanbul, Diyarbakir, and Izmir and concludes in Antalya, showcasing a vast array of cultural heritage.

The festival will feature performances by international orchestras and artists, including the Berlin German Symphony Orchestra, Estonia Orchestra and Chorus, and Grammy-winning trumpeter Chris Botti. Additionally, the State Opera and Ballet will perform "Sahmeran," alongside city-specific artworks and night museum experiences, further enriching Türkiye's cultural landscape.

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