Japan's new rocket fails due to ignition problems

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Japan's new rocket was to be launched on Friday. But when the rocket hit the launcher, it remained motionless. Although the first firing was successful, the second was not.

Japan's new rocket fails due to ignition problems

The national space agency said Japan's new rocket failed to launch on Friday due to an ignition problem.

The H3 rocket -- the successor to the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)'s H-IIA model, which debuted in 2001 -- was meant to launch mid-morning from Tanegashima Space Center in southwestern Japan.

(New Japanese rocket has failured - AP News)


But “it appears that we failed to ignite the two solid rocket boosters, after successfully igniting the main liquid engines,” JAXA spokesman Nobuyoshi Fujimoto told AFP.

Although the first ignition was known to be successful, the subsequent ignition was unsuccessful. The rocket stood motionless on the launch pad.

The launch is said to be rescheduled.


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