Finland fences the border in case of Russian attack

2023-03-01 09:42:40 | Last Update : 2023-03-01 09:58:48

Finland, which is waiting for Türkiye's approval for NATO membership, continues to take its own measures against a possible Russian attack. In this context, work has begun to build a fence on the Russian border. It was a matter of curiosity how these fences would stop the Russians.

Finland fences the border in case of Russian attack
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After the Ukraine war, two Scandinavian countries Sweden and Finland applied for NATO membership against the Russian threat. Russian President Vladimir Putin escalated the tension by saying, "Everything was fine with these countries in the past. Now there will definitely be tensions between us."

The NATO membership of Sweden and Finland has not been finalized yet. The two countries, where there is tension, continue to take their own measures against the possibility of a Russian attack.

In this context, Finland decided to fence off the Imatra crossing point on the Russian border in the east of the country. The Finnish Border Guard announced that the implementation of the barrier is in the pilot phase.


In the statement, the following statements were included: Work started with forest clearing today. A three kilometer fence will be built on both sides of the Imatra crossing point. Road construction and fence installation will begin in March. Then a technical surveillance system will be established. The pilot implementation is expected to be completed by the end of June. The funds provided by the government for the project in question will be used for the 70-kilometer barrier.

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