North Korea fires two short-range ballistic missiles

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The tension on the Korean Peninsula escalated with the 'Liberty Shield Exercise' between the USA and South Korea that started yesterday. North Korea, which launched 2 strategic cruise missiles from the submarine in retaliation on the first day of the exercise, which is planned to last for 11 days, this time launched 2 short-range ballistic missiles towards the Sea of Japan.

North Korea fires two short-range ballistic missiles

South Korea and the USA started the 'Liberty Shield Course' yesterday, which is shown as the most comprehensive exercise in the last 5 years. Disturbed by the Seoul-Washington alliance and constantly voicing this, North Korea started its retaliation from the very first day. North Korea, which launched 2 strategic cruise missiles from a submarine yesterday, launched 2 new short-range ballistic missiles towards the Sea of Japan as a second move.

Commenting on the moves of North Korea, Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan Hirokazu Matsuno stated that they will work in close cooperation with the USA, South Korea and other countries to ensure the peace and security of the country, and they will continue the necessary observation and analysis activities. Japanese Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada stated that no damage was detected within the country's exclusive economic zone after North Korea's missile test.


In the statement made by the South Korean General Staff, it was reported that the missiles were launched from Jangyon region in South Hwanghae province between 07:41 and 07:51, and traveled approximately 620 kilometers. "The consecutive ballistic missile tests carried out by North Korea are serious provocations that harm the peace and stability of the international community as well as the Korean Peninsula," the statement said.


Before the 11-day Freedom Shield Exercise launched by the US and South Korea yesterday, North Korea had warned that the regional military and political situation could become very critical and uncontrollable if threatening rhetoric and military demonstrations are used. The Pyongyang administration also adopted measures to use the country's war deterrent more effectively, strongly and for offensive purposes.

Stating that North Korea will pay a higher price unless it abandons its current approach in the previous days, US State Department Spokesperson Ned Price stated in his latest statement that Pyongyang's actions left the US no choice but to develop joint defense capabilities with South Korea.

North Korea last announced that, just before the Freedom Shield Exercise, yesterday, 2 strategic cruise missiles were launched from the submarine in retaliation.


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