Rocket accidentally crashed into Norway in Sweden

2023-04-26 13:39:24 | Son Güncelleme : 2023-04-26 13:43:12

A research rocket launched from Sweden crashed in a mountainous area in Norway.

Rocket accidentally crashed into Norway in Sweden
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The rocket, which was launched from the Esrange Space Center near Kiruna in northern Sweden and was expected to land in an area close to the border, missed its target. The research rocket launched by the Swedish Space Company (SSC) deviated from its route after reaching an altitude of 250 kilometers and crashed into a mountainous area in Norway. The SSC reported that the rocket was moving a little further west than had been calculated.

The rocket and its payload, which was thought to be unable to land at its target due to malfunction, fell approximately 40 kilometers northwest of the planned landing site. An official from the SSC said the area where the rocket crashed was "10 kilometers from the nearest settlement".

Norwegian Foreign Ministry officials said in a statement that the incident was taken "very seriously".