China issues a serious' warning to US to cut military aid to Taiwan

2023-08-02 17:05:01 | Last Update : 2023-08-02 17:23:36

China has warned Washington to put an end to US ambitions in the Taiwan Strait. The warning comes after the US announced that it would provide about 345 million dollars in military aid to the Taiwan region.

China issues a serious' warning to US to cut military aid to Taiwan
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A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Wednesday that the US warned Taiwan to stop increasing military contact and arming it under any pretext.

The White House website recently announced that Washington would provide about $345 million in military aid to China's Taiwan region. 

The spokesperson told reporters that US military assistance to Taiwan is a serious violation of the "one-China policy," which stipulates a policy of incorporating breakaway Taiwan into its territory, and the provisions of "three China-U.S. Joint Communiqués" notably the August 17 Communique. 

Such actions undermine China's sovereignty and harm Sino-US relations, as well as peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, it said.


The spokesperson added that they strongly condemned such steps and issued serious warnings to the United States.

"The Taiwan question is at the very core of China's core interests and the first red line that must not be crossed in the China-U.S. relationship," he said. He emphasized that the United States should refrain from activities that would increase tensions in the Taiwan Strait and support the separatists' attempt to achieve "Taiwan independence."

"No one should underestimate the strong resolve and will as well as as capability of the Chinese people in safeguarding our sovereignty and territorial integrity," the spokesperson said.

Source: CGTN


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