UK, Türkiye sign defense agreement amid Eurofighter typhoon crisis

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Two NATO Allies, Turkiye, and UK sign Statement of Intent on defense cooperation to boost security and defense ties amid 40 Eurofighter jets crisis

UK, Türkiye sign defense agreement amid Eurofighter typhoon crisis

Grant Shapps, the U.K.'s Defence Secretary, solidified bilateral ties by signing a Statement of Intent on defense cooperation during his visit to Ankara. Alongside his Turkish counterpart, Minister of National Defense Yasar Guler, Shapps formalized this agreement, aiming to bolster collaboration in defense between the two nations.

The British Defense Ministry highlighted that this accord establishes a robust framework for closer collaboration, intending to deliver additional activities beneficial for the security and prosperity of both countries. Emphasizing the significance of this move, the ministry stressed that it would not only fortify national security but also contribute to regional and international stability.

The agreement is geared toward fostering deeper collaboration between the defense industries of both countries, exploring joint training exercises in the Mediterranean, and engaging in security support initiatives across North Africa and the Middle East.

In his inaugural face-to-face meeting with Minister Guler, Shapps underscored Turkiye's influential geopolitical position at the intersection of three continents, highlighting the pivotal role the country plays in times of global instability.

"The agreement we've signed will see our relationship go from strength to strength and enhance our nation’s defense and security cooperation," Shapps emphasized.

Apart from the defense collaboration, discussions also touched upon Sweden's path to NATO accession, with Shapps expressing hope for Turkish parliamentary ratification.

Acknowledging Turkiye’s influential role in the Black Sea region, Shapps appreciated the facilitation of millions of tons of Ukrainian grain exports to nations in need, a move pivotal for aiding regions during these challenging times.

The meeting encompassed broader discussions on the imperative for de-escalation in the Middle East, emphasizing the mutual commitment to fostering stability in the region.


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