Turkish Defense Giant Baykar to Open New Drone Factory in Ukraine

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Turkish defense company Baykar begins building a new production site near Kyiv, aiming to expand its defense manufacturing capabilities abroad

Turkish Defense Giant Baykar to Open New Drone Factory in Ukraine

In a significant milestone that shows Türkiye’s defense manufacturing capabilities abroad expanding, Baykar, a leading Turkish defense company, has started building a new production site near Kyiv. 

In an interview with the media on the sidelines of the World Defense Show in Riyadh, Chief Executive Haluk Bayraktar from Baykar disclosed details about the project. As per Bayraktar, the factory will employ around 500 people and be established to produce one of the models from a popular range by Baykar, i.e., TB2 or TB3 drones. Model selection is yet to be determined.

The Bayraktar TB2 drones have become known worldwide for their pivotal role in the military conflict between Ukraine and Russian forces. Drones have proved effective in targeting and destroying armored vehicles and artillery systems, as demonstrated on the battlefield. The popularity of Baykar drones worldwide, especially the TB2 model, has increased significantly with export contracts signed by 30 countries, including Ukraine, Ethiopia, Libya, and Azerbaijan, as reported by SIPRI since 2018.

"Our factory is being built… we need about 12 months to finish construction and then we will move on to internal machinery, equipment, and organizational structure,” Bayraktar said as he emphasized the importance of the factory, pointing to its large-scale and plans to hire around 500 people. This production capacity is estimated to be around 120 units per year, highlighting the factory’s ability to play an essential role in providing military drones worldwide.

Source: Reuters

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