Greek defense focus sharpens in response to Türkiye's KAAN flight

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Greek Defense Minister Nikos Dendias stresses Air Force's deterrence role following Türkiye's aerospace leap

Greek defense focus sharpens in response to Türkiye's KAAN flight

As Türkiye unveiled its aerospace prowess with the KAAN fighter jet's inaugural flight on February 21, Greek Minister of National Defense Nikos Dendias has actively asserted the vital role of the Hellenic Air Force in Greece’s defense and regional equilibrium.

His statements emerge at a crucial juncture, signaling Greece's strategic response to Türkiye's growing aerospace capabilities.

During a flight over the Aegean Sea in an F-16 Viper, Dendias expressed his gratitude and admiration for the pilots and ground support personnel. From the 115 Combat Wing in Chania, Crete, he remarked on the challenging conditions faced by the Air Force personnel, underlining their unwavering commitment to national defense.

Dendias acknowledged the strategic significance of the 115 Combat Wing, describing the Hellenic Air Force as "a primary pillar of deterrence for our country and a significant contributor to the broader society."

Highlighting Greece's ongoing efforts in military enhancement, Dendias focused on the significant impact of recent acquisitions, including Rafale jets and F-16 Vipers. "We are actively discussing acquiring the F-35, the most advanced aircraft globally, which will undoubtedly boost our operational and deterrent capabilities," he stated.

Dendias also drew attention to Greece's 'Agenda 2030', a forward-looking plan to rejuvenate and innovate within its defense industry, particularly in the wake of Türkiye's recent advancements exemplified by the KAAN project.

"This initiative will empower us to produce our own arms systems, leveraging the potential and human capital of our nation," he elaborated, implicitly referencing the need for Greece to develop parallel capabilities in response to Türkiye's strides in aerospace technology.

In his concluding remarks, Dendias thanked all members of the Hellenic Air Force for their exemplary dedication. "They tirelessly work 24/7, ensuring our aircraft are battle-ready to protect our homeland," he added.

As Türkiye makes strides in its defense sector, Greece seems determined not to stand by idly. The country is fortifying its military capabilities through proactive leadership and measures, focusing on the Hellenic Air Force's critical role in maintaining regional stability.

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