Türkiye's naval power rises with successful indigenous missile system launch

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Türkiye's defense breakthrough with its MIDLAS missile system, launched from TCG Istanbul, showcases advancing technological independence in line with the country’s determination to have a self-sufficient defense industry

Türkiye's naval power rises with successful indigenous missile system launch

Türkiye's defense industry achieved a significant milestone with the successful test of its national vertical launch missile system, Milli Dikey Atim Lancer Sistemi (MIDLAS), from the TCG Istanbul frigate (F-515).

This event marks a critical advancement in Türkiye's defense capabilities and a step toward greater technological independence.

Secretariat of Defence Industries (SSB) spearheaded this project, with Roketsan serving as the main contractor. It's a key part of the MILGEM project, which aims to meet the operational needs of the Turkish Navy's newer ships.

This initiative equips the navy with a cutting-edge, indigenous defense system, reducing Türkiye's dependence on foreign technology.

The MIDLAS system successfully launched the HISAR-D RF Missile in this landmark test. This launch is a historic first for Türkiye, signaling the ability to fire a national air defense missile from a homegrown launcher on a naval vessel.

President of the Defense Industry professor Dr. Haluk Gorgun stressed the significance of this achievement, saying, "We are actively reducing the dependency of our Armed Forces on external sources, fulfilling critical needs with our own domestic and national solutions."

He proudly emphasized the successful integration of MIDLAS into the TCG Istanbul, Türkiye's first national frigate, and its successful firing of the HISAR-D RF Missile. Gorgun also announced future plans to enable MIDLAS to launch SIPER, SAPAN, and ATMACA missiles, as well as other long-range guided munitions.

A key achievement in the MIDLAS tests was the effective integration and use of the TCG Istanbul’s ADVENT national combat management system alongside the ship's radar, sensor, and fire control systems. This ensured the safe launch and separation of the HISAR-D RF Missile from the ship.

High-ranking officials, including Gorgun, Admiral Ercument Tatlioglu, and leaders from Roketsan, Aselsan, Havelsan, and STM, witnessed the successful test.

This success is a reflection of these organizations' collaborative spirit and signifies a major boost in the Turkish navy's offensive capabilities.

The MIDLAS test will likely become a stepping stone for a new era in Türkiye's self-reliant, advanced defense technology, enhancing its naval strength and establishing a formidable "national air defense umbrella" for its fleet.

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