WhatsApp made the expected move: Prepares to offer three features to users

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WhatsApp is preparing to offer three new features to all its users. One of these features is for sharing up to 100 images at once. The other is to transcribe voice messages and the third is to schedule calls.

WhatsApp made the expected move: Prepares to offer three features to users

Popular messaging platform WhatsApp continues to work on new features. WhatsApp, owned by the technology giant Meta, which also owns Facebook and Instagram, has more than 2 billion users worldwide. Apart from online messaging, the platform offers functions to send photo/video/document/voice messages. The 'status' feature, which is displayed for 24 hours, is one of the most popular features of the platform. However, the messaging service is trying to satisfy its individual users by adding new features to its system day by day and is on its way to becoming a social media giant from the messaging platform.


In September 2021, it was revealed that WhatsApp had started to develop the feature to transcribe voice messages. With this feature, those who cannot listen to voice messages can read them. However, it was later revealed that this feature was removed from the development process and the reason was unknown. After 1.5 years, it was understood that WhatsApp is finally working on this feature again in the update of iOS's WhatsApp beta

This feature is currently in development and we expect it to be rolled out to all users in a future update. Meanwhile, with the WhatsApp beta update for iOS, an issue was also fixed when sharing documents.



WhatsApp is currently working on a new feature that allows users to schedule calls in group chats. With this feature, users will be able to schedule meetings with other group members in advance and add more convenience and flexibility to the way they communicate. The feature is currently in development. 




In January 2017, WhatsApp announced that up to 30 images (photos / videos) can be shared at one time via chat. However, 6 years later, the popular messaging platform has made great progress in this field, expanding the limit of media sharing.

In the WhatsApp Beta update for Android, some beta testers have now started to share up to 100 images. Moreover, the feature is gradually being rolled out to other users.

Just select 30+ media in the media chooser within the app to see if you can share up to 100 photos/videos. If the feature is also active on your device, you will be able to share up to 100 images. Otherwise you'll have to wait for a future update of the app.


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