Arnold Schawerzenger reiterates support for Israel, turns blind eye to massacre in Gaza

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As world reacts to Israel's massacre in Gaza, former Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger declares his friendship to Israel and meets with families of prisoners

Former California governor and Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger aka Terminator met on Friday with families of hostages and people who were in the area of the Oct. 7 Hamas operation in Israel.

Schwarzenegger did not say anything about Israel’s massacres in Gaza, but condemned what happened on Oct. 7 and expressed his support for Israel. Israelis present at the meeting told the former star their stories and presented him with a token reading "Our hearts were captured in Gaza".

"I always want to be on the side of the Jewish people and Israel. I am a great friend of the Jewish people and Israel," Schwarzenegger said, and the famous actor's support was applauded by the Israelis.

To commemorate the day, the former star presented the Israeli families with bronze eagle statues.

Source: Newsroom

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