Beyonce drops 2 new songs from country-themed album

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The music superstar surprise dropped two new songs from her upcoming country-themed album on Sunday evening

Beyonce drops 2 new songs from country-themed album

The eagerly-anticipated second part of Beyoncé's Renaissance project was announced during a Super Bowl advertisement. Following the ad, the singer dropped  two new songs titled "Texas Hold 'Em" and "16 Carriages."

The musician debuted both tracks on streaming platforms such as Tidal, YouTube and Spotify.

"Texas Hold 'Em" offers an upbeat country and Western vibe, while "16 Carriages" is an emotional reflection on hard work and legacy.

In a fictional Verizon ad released just before the Instagram teaser, Beyonce humorously attempts various antics to "break the internet", including opening a "Lemonade" stand, releasing a saxophone album and starring in a parody "Barbie" movie called "BarBey."

Adding to the buzz, Beyonce and her husband, Jay-Z, were spotted enjoying the Super Bowl festivities at Allegiant Stadium.

With these teasers and her track record of surprise releases, fans eagerly anticipate what musical magic Beyoncé has in store.

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