Actor Massoud's new role in Turkish TV series

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Ghassan Massoud, known for his portrayal of Saladin in the movie "Kingdom of Heaven," has released a video message related to his role in the TRT series "Mehmed: Sultan of Conquests"

Actor Massoud's new role in Turkish TV series

EXCLUSIVE BY MURAT OZTEKIN — The Turkish television series "Mehmed: Sultan of Conquests" premiered on TRT 1 on Tuesday. The program chronicles the life of Sultan Mehmed II and features renowned Hollywood actor Ghassan Massoud in the role of Eyub Sultan.

In a video message released on the occasion of the premiere, Massoud expressed his excitement to be part of the series, calling it a "great opportunity."

Massoud, who is known for his roles in films such as "Kingdom of Heaven" and "Pirates of the Caribbean," said: "It was really wonderful and special to play the character of Eyub Sultan, the great Companion of the Prophet, the bearer of the good news of the conquest of Constantinople."

Pointing out that he has played many Islamic characters in his artistic life, the veteran actor said, "Perhaps the most prominent of these is the character of Abu Bakr al-Siddiq, the first Rashid caliph, and the character of Saladin al-Ayyubi, which I portrayed in Hollywood and had a great impact on Western society and the world in general. Now I am honored to portray the character of Eyub Sultan and I hope with all my heart that it will have the desired effect."

Massoud praised the creation of a series about Sultan Mehmed II, a powerful ruler and leader who ushered in a new era.

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